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Hop Star Dance Troupe

This energetic troupe has fast become the staple of general session dance entertainment throughout Southern California. Led by choreographers Jeremy Lamont and Chelsea Mayne, these dancers are equally at home with American dance forms like hip-hop, tap and swing while they can-can like the girls from the Moulin Rouge and tango like native Argentineans. Size of the troupe varies from 10 to 24 dancers, depending on flow of performance and number of segments.

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All American Boys Chorus

What better way to exemplify the spirit of America's future and motivate the workforce than with the 36 voice, internationally acclaimed ALL AMERICAN BOYS CHORUS. With superb vocal training and dynamic stage presence, these young ambassadors present a spectacular 'Salute to America and Her Music'. Customized to fit the occasion, programming may include selections from Broadway, The Beach Boys, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, college fight songs, country favorites, patriotic hymns, a rousing tribute to John Philip Sousa and more.

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Raspyn Brothers

THE RASPYNI BROTHERS have taken their twisted brand of vaudevillian humor around the world, juggling comedy and skill in a perfectly balanced entertainment package. During their show, ordinary everyday objects come to life. Golf clubs balance in impossible configurations. Cabbages collide midair with flying blow darts and razor-sharp garden weasels fly effortlessly overhead. Talented writers, charismatic performers and truly funny, these two 'brothers' add excitement and energy to any corporate event.

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Aerial Angles

A unique and graceful aerial ballet performed while suspended some 18' in the air. Our artists wrap themselves around and into the colorful chiffon ribbons as they dance their way around breath-taking tricks and awe-inspiring spins. This beautifully choreographed, highly sensual number may be presented as a solo act or as an ensemble piece with up to eight aerialists, all-performing in unison.

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Extreme Team Acrobats

Managing the daily complexities of any business often appears to be an intricate balancing act. Our high-flying, daredevil team of acrobats personifies the strength, teamwork, flexibility and endurance necessary to turn these complexities into success. Performing a combination of ground based and aerial stunts, they literally reach for new heights and redefine the boundaries of human accomplishment. Pieces can be customized to fit a theme or to underscore specific product or content application.

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Girls On Stilts

The belles of this ball stand eight feet tall...GIRLS ON STILTS are a delightful troupe of female stilt-walkers who dance, juggle, jump rope and even lead conga lines and who use props such as ribbons, rings and orbs to entice and enchant their audience. Standing high above the crowd and costumed in colorful 'cirque' style attire, these fantasy women combine glamour and sophistication with grand style vaudevillian razzel-dazzle.

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Marco Tempest

The world of MARCO TEMPEST where opposites most certainly attract: magic and technology. His innovative combination of computer-generated video, music and stagecraft creates illusions that engage the senses and stir the imagination. Whether he's building brand identity through animation, conducting a virtual product demonstration or engaging audience members in a cyber-world of their own design, MARCO TEMPEST leaves a lasting impact.

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