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“A Most Interesting Journey”
by Jonathan Goldsmith

In 1991, I founded and became president of Envirotech International. We were on the forefront of waterless cleaning. The first product, which put us on the map, was a product called dry wash and guard. We cleaned cars with a simple spray right on top of the dirt. It did not scratch and was an amazing product that went on to win awards all over the world, including Louis Vuitton in Paris and top awards in Germany at the Essen Motor Show. In the United States, among numerous other awards, we also receive the highly prestigious Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, CA. I launched a network marketing company traveling all over the world for seven years. In the process I built a distributor base of over 100,000 distributors through Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing.

I started from the back of my van in a pair of birkenstocks and shorts, with my journey crisscrossing the country seven times. My rest frequently involved sleeping on top of product in my van at truck stops…but I was indefatigable. I traveled from truck stops, campgrounds, church basements, home businesses to eventually presenting in boardrooms and offices of some very successful people. I had no training in the business world, couldn't do basic math (let alone read a profit and loss statement), but I was on a mission. That mission: I was tired of being told what I was worth and determined I alone would establish that based on my goals and efforts. I dropped out of show business, as I was tired of being told that I was to tall, short, not good looking enough, etc. In truth I had reached middle age and was getting grey.

After twenty years of playing the heavy roles I set out on my mission to take control of my life. I took the angst I felt as an actor and tapped into others who also wanted the proverbial “American Dream". I was unstoppable. I would hit numerous cities a week, some times two a day, giving presentations and supporting the distributor base. In three years I had one million miles on one airline alone, put on two to four thousand new distributors a month and ended up with over a hundred related products as well as over 100,000 distributors worldwide. We built a factory in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, as well as a headquarter office in Las Vegas, NV on two acres of prime real estate employing over 100 people. We licensed over thirty-five foreign countries and I had an office outside of London. What a ride it was.

My message as a speaker simply is:
It is your life…
What do you want?
What are you willing to do for it?
Settle for mediocrity or go for the gold?
One doesn’t have to be to the manner born or the graduate of Ivy League schools. You can make excuses or take charge of your own life. There are no limits except what we put on our own backs.

My motto: Life is like a parade. Some watch it go by and live vicariously through others, while some jump in and become participants in the journey. The choice is always yours.


Jonathan Goldsmith in Genlux Magazine:

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