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It's a rough, tough, rockin' dance revue that is truly and experience for the senses, a rhythmic overview of popular culture that is part theater, part rock concert and part romance. Displaying breathtaking Irsh step dancing, urban hoofing, exciting acrobatics, traditional tap, Tango, and other styles of dance, RHYTHEMDANCE is an exuberant celebration that will have every heart racing and every toe tapping.

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IL Circo

IL CIRCO is cast with the world's most ingeniously talented performers, each bringing the highest level of circus and theatrical arts to this thrilling production. With its gravity-defying discipline acts, sophisticated production numbers and enchanting audience participation segments, the show is captivation on an emotional level, IL CIRCO transports the audience to a colorfully futuristic world-a world of inventive costuming, luminous stage sets, and an original musical score. A thoughtful inspiring story line is woven through every facet of the production, taking the audience on a brilliantly choreographed journey through a youg boy's dream.

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Song of America

If you're having a USO style event, a celebration of Americana, or just want to inspire you audience, SONG OF AMERICA is a joyous celebration of the human spirit as demostrated through son, dance and theatrics of American music. An astoundingly talented cast of 8-12 Broadway singers and dancers are featured in this theatrical review that promises to be unlike any other.

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Fueled by the success of recent productions like 'Riverdance', 'Stomp' and 'Blast', BARRAGE ignites a new firestorm of popularity for the historic violin. Taking the instrument out of the symphony and into the theatre, the show is part rock concert, part folk music and features a diversity of fiddling styles punctuated with thunderous world-beat sounds, special effects and boisterous choreography. Young, hip, attractive and extraordinarily talented, the performers dance like demons, sing like rock stars, play spoons like old country peasants and demonstrate the sheer aerobic power of Olympic athletes in peak form.

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On Broadway

They say the neon lights are bright On Broadway. There is magic in the air with this original theatrical review, combining the highest level of musical theatrics with sophisticated production elements. ON BROADWAY leaves its audiences standing and cheering for more! Classic songs from classic musicals, performed by our consumate cast of young Broadway entertainers, this incomparable concert includes spectacularly staged scenes from the world's most beloved musicals.

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Got Swing?

A jumpin', jivin' extravaganza of America's own folk dance traditions, GOT SWING? Is a sure winner. This high energy production features a Charleston piece with the feel of a 1920's slapstick film, a rhythm packed Street Tap duel, an a capella group crooning a medley of swing favorites, the swingin'sounds of a live jump swing band, the energetic 'Bill's Bounce' and a surprising finale that jettisons swing into the new millennium!

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Classical Mystery Tour

They don’t speak with British accents and they don’t wear phony mustaches. They do, however, play Beatles music with much the same passion and much the same sound - only bigger and fuller. CLASSICAL MYSTERY TOUR is symphonic, it’s French horns and violins, it’s classic rock, a live performance of some The Beatles most popular pieces as they were originally recorded but never performed on stage. Backed by a minimum thirty-two piece orchestra, the four performers, all alumni of the very popular and long running Broadway hit musical Beatlemania, perform songs like ‘The Long And Winding Road’, Penny Lane’, ‘A Day In The Life’, ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. CLASSICAL MYSTERY TOUR, affords those who never saw The Beatles live to experience what it could have been like - and then some - it’s easy to ‘Imagine’ ‘Yesterday’.

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Ennio Marchetto

ENNIO MARCHETTO is a tour de force of creativity and hilarity. Taking his inspiration from Italy’s Comida dell’arte and America’s own Walt Disney, ENNIO blends superb paper costuming with great music and split second transformations to present an outstanding performance that magically morphs our favorite cultural icons into hysterical parodies. His one-hour show is not easily described but imagine an evening with Robert Benigni doing impressions of Stevie Wonder, Edith Piaf, Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand and Cher.

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