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Mario Oliveras

MARIO OLIVERAS and his five piece band blend the technical virtuosity of classical Spanish Flamenco, Arabic melodies and romantic boleros with the wild, passionate strains of gypsy guitars. Paying homage to his native Latin heritage while incorporating the Nouveau Flamenco found in the phenomenon known to the world as the Gypsy Kings, OLIVARES is a breath of fresh air and a joy to behold.

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King Kelly

KING KELLY might quite possibly be the most versatile jazz ensemble TEI has to offer. Blessed with the enormous talent of bandleader-pianist-arranger-performer Kamau Kenyatta, this group does it all, from contemporary to fusion to standards and straight-ahead. The core group of four performers is equally at home doing play-ons/play-offs for awards ceremonies, general session underscoring, even dance music and can be augmented with additional musicians making them ideal for any situation.

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Haute Jazz

Imagine Paris in the forties, the cabarets, the sultry torch singers, the artistic freedom and the fragrance of heavy French perfume. Then, listen to HAUTE JAZZ, featuring the smooth as silk vocals of Ms. Avril, and imagine you’re there. From classic Edith Piaf to Cole Porter, from traditional French standards to more contemporary jazz tunes, HAUTE JAZZ throws a sophisticated, continental spin onto any occasion.

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Native Vibe

NATIVE VIBE is a highly spirited five-piece group that performs an infectious blend of Afro-Calypso pop jazz, fusion. Musical collaborators Bill Macpherson and Nee Sackey each brought their unique childhood experiences to the table to produce their current repertoire, which is deeply steeped in the African rhythms and musical traditions of their youth. NATIVE VIBE puts hands and feet into joyful motion and is well suited for poolside receptions, beach parties and events with a jungle flavor.

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Hampton String Rock Quartet

THE HAMPTON STRING 'ROCK' QUARTET is unique among performers of chamber music, as they step from classical fare to classic rock. These four, highly trained Juilliard graduates have turned the world of chamber music upside down by pushing their acoustic string instruments to the limits of their traditional capabilities and beyond. Showcasing modern composers such as Page/Plant, Jagger/Richards, Lennon-McCartney and Hendrix, this quartet makes for an evening of genuine virtuosity and extraordinary cool.

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Freeway Philharmonic

For seasoned music aficionados as well as for those who just know a great sound, FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC is one of a kind. Clever, polished and enormously talented, this quartet has the hipness of Kronos, the serious musical ability of a group like Shadowfax and the acoustically humored sensibility of a Bela Fleck. Their unique choice of instrumentation, Chapman Stick, viola, guitar and drumcussion, makes their unique instrumental blend of jazz, classical, pop and rock a pleasure to experience.

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Jimmer Bolden

Vocalist JIMMER BOLDEN is one of those rare talents that come down the pike only occasionally. His musical style is unusual for this time in history and his voice is reminiscent of an era gone by, a period marked by the gin joints and cotton clubs of the thirties. His soulful scatting is balanced by his choice of materil and the result is always a fine night of jazz.

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Sol De Mexico De Jose Hernander

Mariachis like none other...Under the leadership of Jose Hernandez, MARIACHI SOL DE MEXICO has emerged as ‘The Nation’s Premier Mariachi’ recognized as such by both the Latin and mainstream music industry. His compositions parallel the colorful, passionate and celebratory moods of his native land while skirting the edges of classical, pop, jazz and swing. To listeners weaned on traditional Mariachi sounds, Jose’s earthy, irreverent renditions are becoming instant classics as he blends the noble Mariachi heritage with raw contemporary passion and powerful new rhythms.

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Bill Magee Blues Band

This five-piece blues band, featuring BILL MAGEE, is burning up the Southern California music scene with sizzling guitar licks and Chicago-style vocals. Often compared to the legendary B.B. King, Bill has certainly paid his dues to earn such praise. He has toured with rock icon Jimi Hendrix and performed with notables like James Brown, B.B., and Otis Redding to name just a few. Perfect for a House of Blues Theme or Chicago Sting style event.

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Nova Era

Image the enchanting world of a Venetian royal court during the Baroque era when sculpted white wigs and elaborate gowns were at the very height of fashion. That’s the look you’ll get with NOVA ERA. The sound however, is a mixture of originals and classics by Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and others and is custom arranged and supported by a driving contemporary, World Beat or Techno dance rhythm.

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SONO-LUX has found a niche in corporate America that has previously gone unfilled. They perform Latin Lounge music for an American psyche. With the rhythm and feel of the Pan-Americas strongly in place but singing predominately in English, the group makes it easy for couples to dance without fearing the intricacies of the mambo, the samba or the dreaded lambada.

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